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Central Ohio weather... yes... well....

The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market is a rain or shine market. Even if it's a shop and dash, instead of browsing and lingering, that's okay, we'll be here. Vendors are undercover and a dash under a vendor's tent during a brief summer's rain is a nice way to meet people and start new conversations!

With that said, while we like to keep it simple, we're not fools - safety first. We're not a storm or shine market! if weather is severe, especially if there are sirens, we'll suspend market activity.

Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between. - Maya Angelou

We are fortunate, for the most part, we manage to have really nice days on Market Wednesdays. Microburst storms are summer's high drama: They offer little warning.  They are schoolyard bullies who chase and scatter customers, flip and twist up vendor tents, and run off. They are a major market buzzkill, and becoming a more frequent summer phenomenon (last summer we had two of them and up to then, the only one we'd seen (and never forgotten) was in 2010), so we need to pay attention and adapt. When rain is in the forecast, look for the rubber ducks at market. And, we're taking our lessons from the rain or shine experts - local golf courses! When conditions are present for severe weather - we'll keep you posted. We'll announce storms at the market and on social media and suspend as needed.

If the market must suspend for the day, vendors with CSA and order pick-ups will stay until 6 p.m.

Let the stormy clouds chase / Everyone from the place / Come on with the rain / I've a smile on my face / I'll walk down the lane / With a happy refrain / Just singing and dancing in the rain. – Arthur Freed

Shine or Rain....