excuse our dust! we are updating the website. Market wednesday is on hiatus for the 2020 season.

Parking Basics

The road to success is dotted by many tempting parking spaces. - Will Rogers


Home-grown. Home-made. All Ohio.

Parking is free and readily available on-street, in adjacent lots directly to the east and south of the market, and in public spaces and lots throughout Uptown Westerville.  There are bicycle racks in Rotary Park on the south corner of N. State and E. Home.

The farmers' market space is open to vendor vehicles only from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. for market set-up and then pedestrian traffic from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. There is no patron parking directly north of the market lot - that's where the vendors pull in.

When you see an orange cone, a Do Not Enter, No Parking, or Do Not Block Thru Way sign - don't go there.

In July 2014, the open lots to the east of the market space were paved and striped for parking, so parking will carry much less guesswork and be easier than it's been in past seasons.

We guarantee you won't be stopping by for just a minute, so please do not double-park or park perpendicular to another vehicle.

Restaurants, chefs, and caterers making arrangements ahead of time with vendors for pick-ups, may park behind vendor vehicles for pick-ups only. (They may not pull into the market lot.)

This market is a neighborhood market, so please drive courteously and be aware of local pedestrian, bike, and vehicle traffic.  Emerson School (an elementary school) is at the corner of E. Home and N. Vine - watch for children.

Please do not block throughways, including the drive between the market lot and 74 N. State and Heywood/Dill Alley that runs along the west edge of the parking lot (furthest east of the market lot). Each week, we keep throughways clear for emergency vehicles so there is access to the market space in case someone's life depends on it.

This is not Mayberry - please lock your vehicle and store valuables out-of-sight.

Everyone who touches the market, fuels its success, and we appreciate your help!

Westerville has a lot going on!  And, thousands of cars drive through Uptown Westerville each day.  People in Westerville bike, jog, and walk places (often with kids or dogs) and when school is in, you'll see kids and you'll see buses - just amping up the awareness.

The traffic light and Walk/Don't Walk signs at State and Home operate during market hours.

Westerville has a No-Text-Messages-While-Driving law.

Westerville Road Construction Updates

Ohio has expanded its Move Over law. Move Over Law Details from ODOT

End Distracted Driving - Maria's Message

Take a beat. Be courteous. Be safe.

Photograph of a Car at Everel Farm is courtesy of the Westerville Public Library photo archive.